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  1. 1 Train Wreck 03:50
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  2. 2 A Dangerous Game 04:19
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  3. 3 Don't Let Me Kiss You 04:19
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  4. 4 Saddle Up 03:36
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  5. 5 Victory Dance 04:11
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  6. 6 Fly Right By 04:00
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  7. 7 Red Flags 03:54
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Welcome to Flog, the Flaire's blog

Feb 2018 – Radio & Spotify 

Happy 2018, kids ~ make it a fun one!  While we continue our foray, foraging, frolicking in the recording studio (probably time to get our hands on a dictionary), we’re happy to report that the 2nd new tune is Almost Ready. Like a baby just learning to walk, we’re just about ready to throw it into the yard to see if it can run (probably a bad choice of words). What we mean is, it’s just about ready to be shared ~ stay tuned! 

We’ve started getting some radio airplay for “Train Wreck”. Boston’s 92.5 The River showcased it on their Homegrown show and then Cape Cod’s Pixy 103 aired it last weekend. Pretty cool and much appreciated. 

The tune is also available on ITunes, Amazon, Google Play – and streaming on Spotify.  Check out these wild playlists that we’re excited to be a part of. There’s “Massachusetts Indie Songs Ya Gotta Discover”, “Rockin’ Chick Voices”, “Consequences of Cheating (You Scum)”, and “Exercise & Workout Songs You’ll Enjoy Sweating To”.  Find ‘em here:  https://theflaire.com/spotify-playlists.  Share songs and let us know if there’s any that should be added.

Make sure to sign up for our mailing list to be the first to hear the new songs ~ come along for the ride and thanks for living life with a little Flaire!

Dec 2017 - The Morphing 

Here it is. Our rebirth, the morphing complete from Flair Band to The Flaire. We didn’t intend to change the name but turns out there are a few Flair Bands out there and since we’re back to writing and releasing new tunes, we didn’t want to chance a mix-up that would be a hassle to deal with. We no like hassles. So we've got a hassle-free new website too while we're at it.  

The journey has been interesting. We started our duo, originally calling ourselves “Flair” and playing primarily songs that each of us had written on our own, which then led to co-writing songs together. A musical mosiac. That trip is a story for another blog. We wanted to get out and perform more often so in order to make the jump from the open-mic scene to playing in clubs, we needed a band. And we needed to learn cover tunes that folks wanted to dance to. So we got lucky. Hee, hee, hee. Three great, talented friends, who happen to live within ten minutes of each other, joined us. What are the odds – damn good it turns out.  

After two years of playing all sorts of venues together and having a great time, it’s now time to return to our first love – songwriting. Elizabeth is at the helm in helping us to record our latest batch of original tunes, while adding her tremendous talents on keyboards and vocals. Marc continues to grace us with his skills on bass, and Jo is still laying down those cool drum tracks. And so here we are.  

Sign up for our mailing list and you’ll be the first to hear the new songs, releasing 'em here first. Then stay tuned for upcoming, exciting live shows and events. Come along for the ride and thanks for living life with a little Flaire! 

Logo and mascot by John Fluet!